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Flashlight & Lighting Techniques

March 30, 2017

Fear not the night. Fear that which walks the night. And I am that which walks the night. But, only evil need fear me…. And gentle souls sleep safe in their beds… Because I walk the night. – Lt. Col Dave Grossman I want to share a story with you… Read more

Safety & the Law: At Home, In the Car

March 30, 2017

“A man’s home is his castle.” But what happens if you need to defend yourself in your castle – your home, car or hotel room? Florida’s Castle Doctrine is located in Florida Statute 776.013 and states, in part, that a person is presumed to have acted defensively if he or… Read more

Personal Safety & the Law

March 29, 2017

Over my 25-year career as a law enforcement officer, I have investigated many violent crimes, and I have taught personal safety at Talon Range since we opened. I also have more than two decades of experience as an instructor on the appropriate use of force, so the material I teach… Read more

Posturing & Personal Safety

March 29, 2017

In my last article, I spoke about the importance of situational awareness and the color codes of awareness – white, orange, red and black. As simple as that was, it is the first step on the path towards not being a victim. This article is on the next step –… Read more

Mindset & Awareness

March 22, 2017

In my 25 years as a law enforcement officer in Tallahassee, I’ve seen a lot. I’ve interviewed a lot of bad guys, I’ve looked into the eyes of victims and their families and I’ve been in many homes, delivering mostly bad news. As a parent of four children from ages… Read more

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