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Talon Training Group, LLC is was founded by qualified and active law enforcement trainers who believe in empowering citizens to defend themselves within their Constitutional rights and the laws of Florida. This belief and our collective experience has led us to develop curriculum specifically for the average citizen.

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“My wife and I took Talon’s Basic Handgun – CCW. John Rasmussen was the chief instructor, and the class was fantastic. We are still talking about it as well as practicing things we learned.” – CC

I wanted to thank you for making the class today so interesting and informative. Thank you for being willing to go the extra mile to make it a success. I’ll certainly be coming out for more training. Thanks again.” – BH

I really enjoyed the class. I have recommended your company to all my friends and coworkers. The scenario training was so realistic and the feedback afterwards was worth the money alone. I can’t thank you guys enough.” – SL


Flashlight & Lighting Techniques

Fear not the night. Fear that which walks the night. And I am that which walks the night. But, only evil need fear me…. And gentle souls sleep safe in their beds… Because I walk the night. – Lt. Col Dave Grossman I want to share a story with you… Read more

Safety & the Law: At Home, In the Car

“A man’s home is his castle.” But what happens if you need to defend yourself in your castle – your home, car or hotel room? Florida’s Castle Doctrine is located in Florida Statute 776.013 and states, in part, that a person is presumed to have acted defensively if he or… Read more

Personal Safety & the Law

Over my 25-year career as a law enforcement officer, I have investigated many violent crimes, and I have taught personal safety at Talon Range since we opened. I also have more than two decades of experience as an instructor on the appropriate use of force, so the material I teach… Read more